Highlights from Kevin Hart – Entertainer of The Year


Acclaimed comedian Kevin Hart spoke at this year’s Cannes – and he stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. Our days are becoming more and more intense as technology allows us to work faster, across multiple platforms. And while this hectic pace can wear on the best of us, understanding the importance of leaning on your personal ecosystem is critical. They are the people behind you who always have your back. He went on to remind us that we need this infrastructure to do great things. Each person brings their unique value to your ecosystem.

All of us have those people in our lives – the ones that we can always count on. The ones that give us what we need to hear even when we don’t want to. The ones who know how to give us the advice or guidance we need when feeling down, or the spark to act and make things happen.

These individuals are vital in our work and home life, so it’s important to identify them and let them know their role in your life. Find the ones who make you laugh; who inspire you, support you, and comfort you when needed. And try and have that someone who gives you unconditional love, because all of us experience the impacts of mental instability at times. The last few years took a toll on all of us, and we are still coming out of it and now staring in the face of new issues and concerns at home and at work that impact us personally.

In our business we are constantly problem-solving. Looking for new and better ways to do things we have always done, like crack a strategic brief or come up with a smart and well-executed creative idea. In your ecosystem, make sure you have someone who makes your ideas better. And don’t be confined by your immediate teammates or manager. Look for individuals whose values are linked to yours, but always see things a bit differently. There is a proverb that says, “iron sharpens iron,” We need like-minded people in our lives who make us better. When we engage, talk, explore, and ideate together, both are strengthened.

Thanks Kevin – you’re right, and it’s always great to be reminded.