Insights from the Jury table


The Creative Data Lions celebrates the interplay of ideas and information. All of the entries we reviewed needed to demonstrate how the work was enhanced or driven by the creative use, interpretation, analysis, or application of data. It was key that the creative use of data was at the core of the idea, as opposed to technology at the core. Going into the room, one thing we knew was that data comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, and places – so we needed to level set fast. The range of work was vast from ideas to tackle global problems to ideas that brought joy to the consumer. In summary this simple phrase describes our task: ‘Creative data is an idea enhanced or driven using data.’

Based on what we saw, here are tips for how to use data to supercharge your idea and its execution.

  1. Transform data into a story that is engaging, meaningful and relevant to the consumer’s life and a selected point in time.
  2. Use data to empower people to act by visualizing the data in a relevant and meaningful way.
  3. Use data to help people see themselves in the conversation with the brand – or its values – by allowing their stories to be told in meaningful ways.
  4. Data can play a role at any stage in the development of a big idea from uncovering a truth, to guiding the creative solution, to using new technologies that leverage data to bring an idea to life. Leave no data on the cutting room floor. Look at and analyze it all.
  5. Use data intelligence on the brand, the category, and the consumer to pinpoint a unique consumer problem that the brand can authentically play a role in solving.
  6. Transform the impossible into the possible, making science fiction a reality.
  7. When using AI for research, think of it as a partner to create what would be impossible using only human resources.
  8. Data wins arguments. Make sure all claims you make regarding your brand, product or solution are backed up by proven, statistical data.
  9. Data can identify week spots, issues, problems, and uncover solutions never dreamed of. Data is the ‘wow I had no idea.’  Yes, data can do that.
  10. Data can uncover cultural relevance and significance that was once hidden and that a brand – if value-aligned – can play an authentic role in providing a solution.