The invitation, the shortlist, the …they did what?


On March 7th, I received word that I was invited to be on the awarding jury at the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. My first time at Cannes was in the inaugural year of the Direct Lions category, and the experience is one I still cherish. I was humbled by the opportunity to do it all over again. Our industry has already reinvented itself a few times over and we now find ourselves able to use technology in ways we could previously only dream of. AI and machine learning lead the pack with breakthrough creative ideas that have transformed how we create and even how we ideate. And, when married with a big idea at its core, the work motivates, engages, fascinates, and inspires.

The line between what we can think up and what we can execute is so fine that it’s almost gone entirely. From bringing people back to life, to reading and visualizing what lies in our minds, to translating intimate moments into real life experiences, to trying to stop mankind from destroying itself by showing what our future looks like. AI and machine learning are paving the way to make the impossible possible. And while the world debates the pros and cons of AI, one thing is certain – it’s here to stay and the innovations across all industries are just beginning to be realized. 

AI Inspired Storytelling is the process of using AI technology as a tool and resource to help uncover, identify, cultivate, and curate an idea so that it has value for both the brand and the consumers who engage with it – whatever its delivery mechanism.