Increasing credit card usage by moving beyond the physical card

How can you give your customers the flexibility of using their Citibank® credit card everywhere they go? By making sure they can access their card account – even when they don’t have the card itself. Adding their credit card to a digital wallet now gives them faster, easier access when shopping in-person or online.

Research shows some cardmembers are reluctant to embrace digital technology. Additionally, choice of digital wallets varies between Operating System (OS). To encourage cardmembers to engage and act, we created an integrated campaign consisting of emails, banners, a landing page, and video that educates cardmembers on the security features and benefits of digital wallets, and ease of adding their card.

Casting a wide net targeting all Citi cardmembers, we were able to further segment and refine 
targeting by incorporating device detection to seamlessly link both iOS and Android users to their respective digital wallet(s) destination. We also custom-tailored messaging for each OS with targeted banner placements 
on cardmembers’ online banking profiles.

Digital wallets offer a multitude of features that enable Citi cardmembers to extend their card benefits 
further, thereby helping accomplish the goal of promoting card usage – even without the card.

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