How do you encourage saving in a shaky economy?
 Show real, measurable progress.

It’s tough to find money to save at the best of times. Volatile markets and a precarious economy don’t help.

To encourage Citi Accelerate® Savings accountholders to add to their savings account, we needed to 
demonstrate real progress they could continue to build on, plus offer tools for projecting future growth and 
simple ways to save even more.

So, we created a personalized ‘year in review’ email to showcase account holders’ saving activity based on actual data. We used Moveable Ink functionality to highlight: interest earned throughout the year, current Annual Percentage Yield (APY), and the number of deposits made.

Citibank’s new visual identity informed an fresh illustrative style within an animated GIF to increase engagement. Bold, bright colours helped emphasize the key data points. To help illustrate future growth, we included a link to a real-time savings calculator, plus a brief overview of other Citi savings products customers could use.

The Citi Accelerate® annual summary email is an effective way to encourage more and bigger deposits with measurable data that demonstrates real progress – and real growth.

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