When you have great employees, you want to keep them.

The job market for top talent is highly competitive. So how do you keep your best people engaged and improve retention? You continuously educate them and remind them of the value of staying with you.

EQ’s new Equity Plan Solution – EquiTrax – makes that easier than ever.

Using a simple, understandable graphic interface, EquiTrax shows employees the present and future market value of their employee share ownership in a way that keeps them informed and helps them plan better. EquiTrax also works on the back end to help companies remain compliant with payroll and tax regulations.

With clear, benefit-driven copy, we explain what’s in EquiTrax for employees and what’s in it for employers – then move customers along to the next best action, seamlessly.

To reach just the right audience, we targeted our creative to C-suite, HR and Compensation professionals at publicly traded companies through social media posts directed to our relevant verticals.

It’s a powerful tool that helps employers retain top talent and ensure they know they’re truly valued.

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