When you have a powerful legacy, changing direction is a big deal.

Ram trucks are renowned for powerful gasoline and diesel engines, but the future is electric. So, how to you convince sceptics that electric Ram trucks are just as powerful and capable as their predecessors? You design a game changer.

The Ram 1500 REV has the ‘power’ to persuade. Using cutting-edge technology, the Ram 1500 REV offers capability without compromise, including extreme range, massive power and the ability to haul and tow with the best of them. The stats are so impressive, they have the power to change minds – and the game

We put the hard-hitting info right in the animated headlines, hitting disbelievers over the heads with indisputable proof. We ended with an important message: The Ram 1500 REV is still, at its core, every bit a Ram truck.

To reach just the right audience, we targeted truck enthusiasts – through a multi-touch CRM campaign – who 
had expressed interest in the Ram 1500 REV, guiding them forward into a brave new (electric) world.

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