A unique blend of cause, culture, and creativity

What do boxing legend Canelo, music icon Alicia Keys, NBA stars, small business owners 
and high-achieving grad students have in common? Hennessy.

This renowned cognac brand is committed to its core values of celebrating different perspectives, cultures and achievements. By using global achievers as the voice and face of Hennessy, we can promote awareness for important and diverse causes.

Our creative requirement was threefold: promote events, promote causes, and promote milestone celebrations and products. The ask was to create compelling website content that reflects diversity while maintaining a consistent brand voice – helping an exclusive brand communicate with an inclusive voice.

Since both our content and our audience was varied, we switched up the creative journey for each project for maximum impact. From interactive journeys that make customers feel special – allowing them to select a custom birthday cocktail – to dedicated event pages designed to trigger quick action, we used different storytelling methods to connect with the right audience.

Whether celebrating a birthday, highlighting the triumph of the human spirit, or creating uplifting collaborative content – these communication breaks barriers and spark conversations.

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