AI Inspired Storytelling

By Raymond Smith

Be Kind

Congratulations. You landed your first job in advertising. I hope the process wasn’t too painful. And if it was, it’ll make for a good story one day. The worst meetings, interviews and presentations tend to make for the best stories later on, but that won’t be obvious at the time.

This year, I celebrate my 25th year in the business and I’ve learned a lot, both through my own experiences as well as from other people. This marks the first in a series of things I’d like to share that, hopefully, will make the journey through your career a little bit easier.

The first, and by far the most important, is to be kind. You’ll meet a lot of people in the coming years, and not all of them will be wonderful people. In fact, some will be unkind, uncaring, unflattering, rude, and just plain mean. So, plan to be the opposite. Opportunities to be kind will present themselves constantly; just seize them.

Talk to everyone, regardless of their level or role. Be quick with a compliment and be gentle and constructive with criticism. If someone loses their job, send them a short message of support. If someone asks you to be a reference, do it. If someone is leaving, sign their card or their kudo board with an encouraging note. One lovely woman who departed my current agency left a little hand-written goodbye card on the desk of everyone she worked with. Dozens of them. What a kind, generous and memorable thing to do.

Kindness warms up a room, lubricates a conversation and leaves a positive impression. Kindness will be remembered, and it will often be repaid in ways that you won’t even know.

One day, if you’re remember for nothing more than your kindness, you’ll have done well.