From good data come
good decisions


If a dozen different people buy the exact same product, we know that their paths to purchase will each be a little different. And all along that path, people will leave data. That’s where we come in. 

To be truly successful, it is incumbent on a brand to pick up those data points and gather enough information to get their customer to the next best action along the path. We call each of those points “moments that matter” – because they do.

Our specialty is helping brands listen intelligently for the data signals that help catch, connect and convert customers.

Data Holds The Power

Data is only as powerful as the way you use it. We use it to inform:

Strategic Insights

We take first, second and third party data and analyze it using both proprietary and industry-standard tools to develop actionable insights for our teams; from planning to creative to implementation. What’s more, our analysts use various advanced analytical techniques and tools to identify opportunities to inform the campaign’s overall strategic direction.

Consumer Activation

Analysis and insight is only part the overall story. Collecting data and producing insights needs to lead to the end goal of activation. Activation requires a balance of process, technology and creative to demonstrate to our clients the benefit of having a data strategy. Our team of certified marketing technologists enables this valuable, measurable capability.

Campaign Outcomes

Understanding outcomes is essential to continuously optimizing your marketing efforts. But outcomes go far deeper than reporting results. A well-developed methodology can track marketing performance, incrementality and attribution. Our data scientists give us the unique ability to deliver meaningful results to help inform ongoing refinements and optimizations. 

Our Technology Partners

At Hawkeye, our methodology is to always leverage human insights to create connections that matter, driving business results by getting the most out of marketing technologies. Our growing list of technology partners includes: